Reef Matters Seminar Series

Dr Anne Hoggett

A whistle stop tour through 40 years at Lizard Island


Lizard Island has been a focus for research since 1973 when the Australian Museum opened its research station (LIRS) there, the northernmost on the Great Barrier Reef. The current LIRS directors, Lyle Vail and Anne Hoggett, have lived at Lizard Island (Jiigurru) since 1990 and visited it as researchers since 1979 and 1982 respectively. Lyle is currently overseas. In this talk, Anne will outline changes that have occurred on local reefs over 40 years and changes in research directions at LIRS over that period.


Anne Hoggett is an echinoderm taxonomist who worked at the Australian Museum and, as an associate, at the Northern Territory Museum. She studied at University of New South Wales and obtained her PhD from University of Queensland through a precursor to Charles Darwin University. She has rarely practiced formal taxonomy since she became joint Director of LIRS in 1990 with her husband, Dr Lyle Vail. Anne’s taxonomic instincts are now directed to developing and curating Lizard Island Field Guide, currently with more than 3,300 species illustrated. She and Lyle have spent decades supporting research and education by developing facilities and procedures at LIRS. They have never taken for granted the extreme privilege of living in such a magnificent place with such rewarding work for so long.