The ACRS requests that Exemption 15 be retained in the proposed new Marine Order 505

Download: ACRS Marine Order 505 Submission

As marine scientists, we welcome the streamlining and simplification of maritime safety laws through the proposed new Marine Order 505. We support the establishment of the Coxswain Class 3 NC and agree that a recreational marine driver’s licence is sufficient for a Coxswain Class 3 NC certificate. However, we request that Exemption 15 be retained, as written, in order to create stability and efficiency within the regulatory process.

Our reasoning for this request has been outlined in attached statement.

In summary, the ACRS supports the maintenance of Exemption 15 for the benefit of researchers and the contributions they make towards the nation. We believe the Annual Regulatory costs of less than $1000 to business and individuals is a gross underestimate of the true impact that the removal of this exemption will have on research. Should AMSA nonetheless continue to pursue the proposed order in its current form, we suggest a longer transitional period  to minimise the impact this is likely to have upon Australian coral reef research.