ACRS science-based policy plan for the Great Barrier Reef – Discussion: Advancing Climate Action in Queensland

The ACRS strongly supports the following proposed actions:

• A commitment to more ambitious targets to reduce Queensland’s greenhouse gas emissions.

• A transition to a clean-energy, low-carbon economy, with the long-term aim of 100% renewable energy by

• To be the second Australian state to sign the ‘Under 2 MOU,’ put forward by the subnational global
climate leadership memorandum of understanding.

• Given the inevitability of future climate-related impacts to the Great Barrier Reef, we support the
innovation and additional funding required for improving water quality. We also urge a complete stop
to port expansions, and a ban on capital and maintenance dredge dumping. Each of these acts will
increase the resilience of the reef to future climatic disturbances.

Furthermore, we propose the following additional actions:

• We emphasise that by extracting and exporting fossil fuels to be burnt elsewhere, Queensland must take
responsibility for climate-inflicted damage to its coral reefs.


ACRS science-based policy plan for the Great Barrier Reef- Comments on reef policy plans in the 2016 election

Australia is a world leader in the management of marine ecosystems, yet the threats faced by reefs are
growing at an unprecedented rate. Solutions to these problems lie in environmental governance and climate
change mitigation. Below we highlight the primary threats to coral reefs, and the policies proposed to
address them by the two major parties running in the Australian 2016 election.


ACRS science-based policy plan for Australia’s coral reefs – Benefits of mangroves – Science brief for Hon. Mark Butler MP

Declining water quality has already led to decreased coral diversity and coverage on coastal reefs of the GBR. Importantly, mangroves have the ability to reduce impacts
of water quality. Australia has the 2nd largest area of mangroves in the world. Below, we have highlighted the benefits of mangroves, and recommend immediate action to
protect and restore mangrove forests along the Queensland coast.